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How do i order custom prints?

How do I order custom prints?

Visit our Custom Print Order Page by clicking here
Select your preferences, upload your image and place your order. Our customer service team will email you within 24 hours for a step by step assistance.

The Procedure
We care about the quality of our prints therefore, we will create a mock up based on the panel set you ordered. Our design team will check the best sizing options with the image you provided ensuring that the important details of your image do not fall in between the panels.
Upon your satisfaction and agreement with the final alignment, we will send the details to our production team to be printed, framed and shipped!

Preferred Image Size
To ensure high quality custom prints, a high-resolution image is needed. Please refer as follows:

Small Canvas Print Size: 2000x1200 pixels
Medium Canvas Print Size: 3000x1800 pixels
Large Canvas Print Size: 5000x2500 pixels

Art Format: JPEG / PDF
Art Resolution: 300 DPI

Note that:
To refrain from uploading image from handphone as it decreases image quality.
Image may lose minimal quality when being expanded onto a large canvas.

However, if you only have a lower resolution image, feel free to inform us under the “Contact Us” page and we shall advise you accordingly.

If you need custom canvas size, just let us know :)